Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Phone App for non-profits

Problem Description:
Living by KCC, HPU, and UH, there are no shortage of students looking for volunteer work.  Searching for non-profits brought up a few sites that would search for organizations in the area.  These sites would display a massive amount of poorly filtered organizations.  Some just wanted money, others were looking for volunteers, and most provided very little information.  This makes it very hard for students to find a volunteer position. 

It is proposed that a phone app is created for the iPhone and Android.  It will provide a way for non-profit organizations and volunteers to be directly connected.  The non-profits can post openings with a detailed description of what the volunteer would be asked to do.  The students could apply for the opening by simply selecting the opening and confirming. 

System Capabilities:
The application will provide a:
  • Direct way for volunteer and organization to make contact
  • Search engine for volunteers to find work directly related to their interests
  • Profile support for both volunteers and organizations
  • Rating system for both volunteer and organizations
  • System to allow organizations to post volunteer openings
  • System for volunteers to apply for openings
Business Benefits:
 This application will benefit the non-profit by:
  • Increasing the amount of applications recieved

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  1. Excellent - we are talking about building something similar here for our local area. There are national sites for this kind of thing in the UK like but there's often a desire to coordinate these things in a more local fashion