Saturday, February 22, 2014

Phone App for Non-Profits Initial Contact

My plan for contacting organizations about the Phone App For Non-Profits is very similar to the Event Calendar.  I'll send this out to as many organizations as possible and use a similar template.

Hello _________,
I'm currently a Senior at Hawaii Pacific University, working towards my B.S. in Computer Science.  As a part of the software engineering curriculum, I get the opportunity to reach out to local non-profit organizations to see if I can help them by developing software to fit their need.

My current idea is to create a phone application that provides information on volunteering for local non-profits around Honolulu. This application would help volunteers and organizations meet.  However, this idea is still in its infancy, and I'm looking for suggestions to make this it better.  I'd like your organization's input If you have time, please contact me at (###)###-####.

Thank you,
Kevin Achenbach

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