Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Honolulu Event Calendar

Problem Description:
Honolulu has tons of events going on everyday.  Most are hardly publicized.  Considering Honolulu is a very transient city, a lot of these events do not get nearly as many people as they should, simply because newcomers aren't aware of them.

It is recommended that a event calendar is made specifically for smart phones.  Using the built in GPS a map can be created to show current and upcoming events.  Each event can be rated and receive comments.  Users can use a search engine to filter out certain types of events.
System Capabilities:
  • GPS powered search engine
  • User log in and rating system
  • Users can create new events or flag events as spam
Business Benefits:
  •  Increased visitors for events


  1. cool - you might make a quick minimum viable prototype (MVP) out of a google calendar system. Some students in my mobile design class did that previously for a martial arts club in Oahu:

  2. I really like this idea. There are several places like that have events for specific groups, but nowhere that really consolidates. A lot of cities actually have this kind of thing in their bureau of tourism web pages, but Oahu seems a little behind the times. You have to rely on concierges and tourism companies to provide this, and those events are still usually tourism-focused. Out of all your ideas, this is my favorite!